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Hey y'all!
What's up and welcome to MY Backstreet Boys page! ;-)
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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thanks for visiting yet again! It's been a strange time trying to get this site up-and-running, but I think I've gotten it going pretty well. I have started Aquarobics classes for my Fibromyalgia, which I'm sure will help out a lot, but I am keeping a link to the FM Partnership on this page for informational purposes. As always, all works on these pages are my original thoughts and writings. However, I do get ideas from everywhere:movies, books, tv, and life itself. But the stories are all original writings. I will allow you to use them, but please ask first. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, I realize the updates have been few and far between for now, but I've had a severe inner ear infection for the last 2.5 weeks. When I finally got over that, I dislocated my knee! What luck, right? Well, got a few updates, hope you like 'em! Make sure, if you've already read Chapter One, to re-read it! I've made some MAJOR changes on it, and I really hope you like it!! Check back for Chapter Two!


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So maybe Crystal, Mary Ann, and me didn't get to steal one of these posters from the concert venues for ourselves...but I got to steal one from the BSB's website! Plus, I have some kick ass memories from the concert at Star Lake!

The Playa's!

Starting with my personal fave, here are the Boys:
Nickolas (Nick) Gene Carter
Alexander James (AJ) McLean
Howard (Howie D) Dewaine Dorough
Brian (B-Rok) Thomas Littrell
Kevin (Train) Scott Richardson
And all my peeps:
Mamaw>>I love you now, forever, and always. You were always there when I needed you the most. I could never repay what you've done for me. Love and kisses.
Crystal (Bone) Gail Harvey>>9 years and counting. What more can I say?
Julie (Fricky) Ann Toothman>>Ups and downs can't keep this crazy duo apart for long!
Laura (Train) Elizabeth Martin>>I know you can, I know you can! Just hang in there!
Jessie ('Essie!) Marie Carner-I know you hate it, but I had to mess wit-cha!
Eric Barker>>What's today's French homework?? LOL.
Stephanie (Teffie) Michelle Godfrey>>Always 3 doors down
Rob Williams-You are nonspecific b/c I don't know what I want to call you today.
Ken Weaver>>"C is for cookie" and "Welcome to Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Mr. Rogers couldn't be here today, so I'm takin' his place."
Scott (from the 'net, you know who you are!)
Eddie (my Cali-based baby!)
Maria Velasquez>>Always remember February 8, 2001!
Elizabeth Lott>>And always remember the line to get the tix for February 8, 2001!!!
And my two faves: Gunnar and Payden Laulis (You guys mean the world to me, even if you can't read this!)
Anyone I've missed, don't worry, I will add you on! Just let me know! Y'all know how my memory is!! LMAO.

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